Lavender blossom Water

Lavandula angustifolia

Cosmetic properties

Suitable for every type of skin, especially for sensitive ones:

  • Styptic, especially invigorating
  • Deep cleansing and skin soothing
  • Regenerating, helps in reducing skin aging
  • Refreshing, especially for skin irritations
  • Redness, sunburn and itch soothing

How to use it:

Spray your face until it feels wet enough and leave it so for a few seconds. Then you remove it using a dry piece of cotton. That way, we have a deep cleansed skin. Furthermore, in order to refresh and cool the skin, we can spray the whole face without drying the face afterwards.

Caution! Spraying the face should always be done with eyes closed, in order to avoid eye irritation.

Culinary and patisserie use:

Can be used in pastry, gravies and various syrups.