Oregano blossom water

It is a very special and fragrant water due to its high conciseness in essential oils.

Cosmetic properties

Cosmetic properties (suitable for skins with acne only):

  • Equalising skin oiliness
  • Antiseptic, antimicrobe

Can be used as mouthwash for mouth-related infections

How to use it:

Spray the water on some dry cotton and clean the skin with acne, avoiding the area around the eyes. It doesn’t need to be rinsed.
Caution! It should always be used at night in order to avoid exposure to the sun, due to its high conciseness in essential oils

How to use it for mouth-related infections:

With a tablespoon of oregano-based water we can wash the mouth and then rinse thoroughly.

Culinary and patisserie use:

Can be used in pastry, gravies (both meat and vegetable based) as well as roasted meat and fish. Suitable for marinating.